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Agility Training

Whether you're choosing to do agility just for fun or to compete we are here to help!

Once you have graduated from Pre-Agility you will the move through the below classes

Through the Agility classes we will give you the skills and guidance to teach your dog:

Jumps and Jumping Skills

Tunnels and Tunnel Skills 

Jumping through the Hoop 

Completing the Long Jump 

Weaving (First 6 poles will be taught and then 12)

Complete Contact gear (A-frame, dog walk , cross over and eventually sea-saw)

Handling skills such as course walking , front, rear and blind crosses.

To be able to complete an agility course

Course Fees For All Agility Classes: $60 per 6-8 week term.

If Payment is not received by the date advised by the course co-ordinator then a place in the class will no longer be available for you. 

Please Note: While the term allows for a maximum of 8 weeks if there is class cancellations we guarantee a minimum number of 6 classes per term.

Vaccine passes are required for all classes in accordance with Government & Dogs NZ guidelines

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