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Agility Class Lists
Term 4 enrolments now closed

Term 4
19th October - 7th December (Xmas Breakup)
Classes are subject to fees being paid in full and completion of the enrolment form

  • If you are in a 6pm class, you will need to help with gear setup. 

  • 7:15pm Classes will need to put the gear away and probably help the trainer change course in the swap over

  • Play and Control - you will need to help with setting up gear for your class at 7:15pm as this class does not follow another class. If you have a clicker bring this along.  We also have these for sale at $5 each.

  • Do not tie your dog up if it is a barking dog.  We have to be super respectful with our surrounding neighbours

  • Our field is jammed full on a training night so please have your dog under control at all times

  • Please make sure you help raise and lower the gear as this shouldn't be the trainer's responsibility.  If everyone does their fair share it will ensure you get maximum time on the gear.

  • Bring your toy, clicker and lots of treats in a belt bag 

  • Most of all, enjoy your night and we hope you have lots of fun.

Covid Level 2

Please follow the following guidelines:

1. Scan the QR code on arrival (on the window by the small gate) or sign the register next to the shed door

2. Masks are to be worn when entering inside the gear shed to retrieve or put away gear 

3. Please sanitise your hands on arrival

4 Maintain 1m distance from each other

5. If you wish to set up chairs for your class, please keep these off the concrete pad outside the gear shed/gate and make sure you put this away when you have finished with it.

5. If you are unwell, stay home.

Elementary - Ron & Natasha 6pm

Rachael McKeagg Luka

Sophia Maltai-Spence Honey

Shelley Zep

Ruby Allan Jax

Julie Palmer Flint

Joy Elder Juno

Nealey McCarthy Patch

Malcolm Emba

Amelia Patching Luna

Lisa McDowell Poppy

Margaret McGregor Leila

Tracey Robins Beni

Play & Control - Shelley 7.15pm

Sarah Clark Tui

Dianne Everrett Lola

Elizabeth Sherry Oscar

Rebecca Larsen Lockie

Stephanie Bennett Nala

Iris Dodkins Evie

Lee Siegle Suzie

Neel Pannilage Sadie

Novice - Justine 6pm

Chris Kenny Zuma

Frazer Delamere Moro

Julie Sefton Milly

Mandy Ward Kahli

Fraz Geeva

Dave Swinyard Lizzie

Lauren Broadhead Pikachu

Jocelyn Jensen Baylee

Tracy Swart Bonnie

Starters - Jocelyn 7.15pm

Amy Ellis Ziggy

Mandy Ward Inky

Bella Williams Lestah

Justine Dale Broc

Shanelle Johnson Cruise

Yu Jiang Fredrick

Shelby Maples Lola 

Hayley Tom

Intermediate - Michelle 7.15pm

Malcolm Ward Rojo

Alison Swinyard Gypsy

Michelle B Nykee

Natasha Hoogstraten Splash

Patricia Smith Tye

Ron Kenny Zara

Julie Palmer Max

Agility Coordinator

Michelle Burggraaf