Class Lists

Agility Class Lists

Term 2 2022 

Play & Control - Frazer


Holly & Raadi

Nicole & Jupiter

Amy & Boomer

Rosalind & Kenai

Christine & Arlo

Jo & Dylan

Estell & Carby

Neel & Sadie

Jenna & Hatch

Level 2 Starters - Jocelyn


Shelley & Zepp

Nealey & Patach

Dave & Lizzie

Kris & Storm

Ruby & Jax

Rachael & Luka

Lauren & Eevee

Level 4 Intermediate - Michelle


Jo & Zeus

Alison & Gypsy

Michelle & Nykee

Natasha & Splash

Ron & Zara

Julie & Max

Pre-Agility - Natasha


Penny & Roxy

Isabel & Naia

Sarah & Tui

Hamish/Finn & Miso

Lee & Suzie

Michelle & Alfie

Sarah & Sam

Novice - Jan


Jiang Yu & Freddy

Frazer & Moro

Justine & Broc

Bella & Lestah

Lauren & Pikachu

Jocelyn & Baylee

All 6:00 classes (Starters/Intermediate/Play and Control) will need to be at the club prior to this start time to set the course.  

All 7:15 classes (Novice/Pre-Agility) will need to put gear away in the Shed at the end of the night


Please take note of the following:

1. If you are unwell stay home

2. Our trainers are all volunteers. Make sure they are not the ones putting the jumps up and down. Do your share to help other heights. 

3. Try to listen to the instructions given to other class members as you can learn a lot from watching others. 

4.   Consider our neighbours and don't let your dog repetitively bark as it watches other dogs.

5. Masks are not required for course walking this term


Have a fabulous term training your wonderful dogs

Agility Coordinator

Michelle Burggraaf