Control Play

This is the next step up after clicker class


This is the foundation class for agility.


One of the aims is to teach the dog to play with its handler.  We teach the dogs to tug & also to release the tug toy when told to.  


The focus of this class is to have a connection between the dog and handler so that the dog is able to be off lead and stay with the handler in our busy environment. 

Control play;

  • Helps teach dogs to find a weave entry 

  • Dogs are taught to wait and are then are taught the release word.  

  • Restrained recalls are used to try & get dogs more excited. 

  • Dogs are taught to "go-on" & around a cone to build a bit of distance away from their handler.

  • The beginning of front and rear crosses are taught. 

The next class after play and control is Pre-agility. 

Course Fees:    $60 per 6-8 week term. 

If Payment is not received by the date advised by the course co-ordinator then a place in the class will no longer be available for you.

Please Note: While the term allows for a maximum of 8 weeks if there is class cancellations we guarantee a minimum number of 6 classes per term.