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Agility Registration Form 


Term 2 2024


Welcome back to agility training

All registrations for Agility Classes need to be completed online.  You will be required to fill in a form for each term of training.  This needs to be submitted and paid for by the due date (04/02/2024). If no payment is made your registration will be removed. 

Please note:  Classes may be capped if needed as we have limitations with space and trainers. 

If a class is full, it will be removed on the registration form.


Full payment of Training Fees 

Agility classes  $60 

Term 2 Play & Control $75 ($60 training fee & $15 club membership fee)

FlyAgility $55 per dog

Thursday morning class - club members only & club committee approval needed to enter this class

Please make sure your fees are paid on time, due by 28/04/2024



Registrations closed


Please note: Your place will only be secured if you are a financial member of the Mount Maunganui Dog Training Club and you have paid your training fees.  

Please make sure this is paid on time, we will not be following non payments up

Please note: Course fees must be paid by the date advised by the course co-ordinator or else your place in the class will be forfeited.

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