• This is the class after Play and Control

  • This class is when the dogs start to learn all the Agility equipment. They start with jumps at mini height & over the following 8 weeks the tunnels, tyre, and long jump is taught.

  • The owners are taught handling skills.

  • The weaves are done every week & the clicker board. 

  • By the end of the 8 weeks the dogs are starting to sequence.

  • From here, if handlers meet the graduation criteria they will move on to 100 Level Agility.

Course Fees: $60 per 6-8 week term.

If Payment is not received by the date advised by the course co-ordinator then a place in the class will no longer be available for you. 

Please Note: While the term allows for a maximum of 8 weeks if there is class cancellations we guarantee a minimum number of 6 classes per term.