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Flygility is a dog sport that mixes elements of agility and flyball.


There are 2 identical courses set out next to each other.  The dog in each lane is sent to fetch a ball from a flyball box and return it to the handler before the dog in the other lane does the same.


Courses are 32m from start line to the box, and use agility obstacles. Beginner courses are very simple using only jumps and tunnels in a straight line (see video below) and gradually get harder as the dog progresses through the levels and becomes more experienced.

So, if your dog loves to retrieve a tennis ball and you love a good race then why not give it a go.


(Please note: You must complete basic control through to pre-agility with your dog for this course or be experienced with agility/flygility equipment - if this is the case please email Dave so he is aware of your experience level - Daves email can be found below)



What the Course Will Cover


For the raw beginners, the dogs will be taught how to trigger the box and retrieve the ball.


We will then develop this so that they learn to jump over the fly jump to get to the box and to look for the fly jump to bring it back.


Next we start adding in agility jumps and working further and further away from the box until they can do an entire course.


Once dogs can successfully navigate the length of a full course, they will learn how to do courses with a single bend.


Then we will progress onto the harder techniques such as multiples changes of direction, weaves and ramps.


Classes will be held on Thursday evenings at Club - 7pm


Term 1 2024 - Thursday 15th Feb


Course Fees: $55 per 6-8 week term

Please Note: While the term allows for a maximum of 8 weeks if there is class cancellations we guarantee a minimum number of 6 classes per term.

Please contact Dave Swinyard to express interest or for more information

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