Basic Control Level Two 

Basic Control Level 2 is a class tailored to expand on skills learnt in the Basic control class

With an emphasis on dog/owner bond. Working together as a team where the dog learns to enjoy focusing on the owner with environmental distractions. Activities will incorporate fun, flexibility, fitness and mutual respect.

Skills taught are:

  • Walking on/off lead

  • Recalls - a variety of ways to connect with your dog

  •  Retrieve - for fun using a toy

  • Body Awareness (dog)

  • Balance work incorporating trick

  • Positions - down,sit,stand

  • Manners

  • Words - using a variety of words for commands, release, and markers.

Course Fees:    $65 per 6 week term. 

If Payment is not received by the date advised by the course co-ordinator then a place in the class will no longer be available for you.