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Puppy Socialisation/Training (up to 6 Months)

This 4 week course is designed to be informative as well as a training base for the young puppy.  It must have completed its initial course of vaccinations, including boosters before it can come and join us.


The course covers some basic training as well as socialisation with other youngsters.  It also gives the owner an opportunity to discuss any problems they may be having and also to get some positive information to help with issues that may well come up as the puppy gets older. The actual training covers the things required for a well mannered dog i.e. to sit when asked, to come when called, to walk nicely and be sociable with other puppies.  Time is allowed for this socialising.


The owner will be provided with literature as the course progresses to give more information and guidance with the puppy’s training. This covers the importance of setting ground rules for the human family members as well as the puppy and the best way to go about it.


At the end of the course, if attendance has been satisfactory, the owner will be awarded a certificate to confirm that they have completed the course.
Course Fees:    $30 per 4 week term