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Control Play

This is the next class after clicker class.  The main aim is to teach the dog to play with its handler.  We teach the dogs to tug & also to release the tug toy when told to.  Control is also needed as we want the dogs to stay with the handler & not run away. 
They also carry on with mat training & if ready, the mat is taken to a plank on the ground & then on to the mini table.  Teaching the dogs to Weave is started.  Dogs are taught to wait and are thenare taught the release word.  Restrained recalls are used to try & get dogs more excited. 
Handler skills on the flat with dog following. This is done on both sides.  Also the beginnings of cross behinds, front crosses etc.  Dogs are taught to "go-on" & around a cone to build a bit of distance away from their handler.
Course Fees:    $60* per 8 week term