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Clicker for Agility

This course is aimed mainly towards people who have expressed an interest in joining the agility group. However, someone who is keen to try a different method of training can sometimes do the course if there is room, even if they aren’t particularly interested in agility. Any dog doing this course for agility needs to be at least 9 months old at commencement.  There is no age requirement for a dog learning basic obedience with this method.


The handler uses a little plastic box that when pressed makes the “click”.  Once the dog has learned that the click means a treat, all sorts of things will be offered the handler in attempt to get that treat. With clicker training the handler does not tell the dog to do the exercise, which is what makes clicker training fun and interesting.  The dog will quickly start to work out what is wanted.  There is a lot more to clicker training and not enough space, but Google “clicker training” to find more information on this wonderful method of training.


The course covers the basics of dog training i.e. “Sit” ‘Sendaway” “Down’ “Recall” “Walking nicely” and various other things, but of course done clicker style so even if you have taught these things on a command basis (dog waits to be told before it can do anything) you can still enjoy clicker training and then use it to teach all sorts of things in a fun, fast way.
Course Fees:    $60* per 6 week term