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Term 1 2018 Dog Agility Training Classes

posted 13 Feb 2018, 00:01 by Hayley and Paul Andrew
Play and Control Basic Class with Anne commencing 8 Feb at 7 PM
Natasha and Jade
Kristin and Tilly
Rebecca and Skye
Hollie and Shiloh
Hannah and Vito
Michael and Digger
Michelle and Buster
Nicky and Loki
Alexandra and Lulu
Phoebe and Jazz
Steve and Lochie

Play and Control Advanced Class with Mandy commencing 8 Feb at 6 PM

Robyn and Lucy
Julie and Jimmy
Belle and Nyla
Raelene and Tyson

Pre-Agility /Elementary Class with Jan and Ron commencing 8 Feb at 6 PM
Nicole and Anouk
Kathryn and Alaska
Diane and George
Louise and Panda
Helen and Barry

Starters Class with Frazer and Dave commencing 8 Feb at 6 PM
Jill and Indy
Valerie and Bella
Steph and Ace
Renee and Ava
Gerald/Catherine and Scout
Kelly and Teaga
Michelle and Roco

Novice Class with Shelley commencing 8 Feb at 7 PM
Nicky and Skylar
Steph and Maldy
Debbie and Rema
Tracey and Magic/Neara
Lauren and Aria
Kate and Edge

Intermediate Class with Michelle commencing 8 Feb at 7 PM
Dani and Dexter
Gail and Jess
Bev and Mikki
Dave and Bess
Christine and Jesse James
Tracey and Teagan
Anne/Lis and Khia
Malcolm and Rojo
Maggie and Buddy